Open Record Requests

The City of Kiel Police Department recognizes the importance of sharing records with the general public but also acknowledges that there are times when certain records will not be released. A decision as to the denial of the release of records will ultimately rest with the Chief of Police, who is recognized as the police department's official custodian of records. The police department maintains a policy with regards to the release of it's records.  It is the purpose of this policy to establish a procedure with regards to the release of department information in conformity with all laws and a general responsibility to the public, while maintaining balanced reasonable regulation for the release of police records.

Record Request Form (MS Word, PDF)

Adobe Reader required to use any of the PDF files.  Download it here 

Request for Police Records

People who request copies of our records will be asked to show identification and asked to complete a "Records Request Form."  Note:  Completion of this form is not a requirement for access to our records, but is helpful for our documentation purposes.  Requests for records can be made in person at the police department during regular business hours Monday-Friday / 7:30AM to 5:00PM.  Requests are also accepted by US Mail or electronic mail, telephone, and/or facsimile.

To request records by email, please submit your request to our office manager, Kelly Jorgensen at

Time Limits

Records readily available will be copied and provided as soon as possible and/or practical dependant upon the availability of the records, as well as the workload and presence of clerical staff who will complete the necessary tasks associated with the release of the records.

Any requests for records that are deemed to be serious and/or confidential in nature or otherwise determined to be instances unique in their existence and outside the regular scope of day-to-day police department business will be subject to review and release only by the Chief of Police or his/her official designee. A decision as to the release or denial of records whenever possible will be made within 10 days from the date the request was received by the Chief of Police.  A written explanation will accompany any denial of records requests.


General Documents and Accident Reports:

  • $0.25 cents per page for photocopies of any written reports/records/documents

Photographs and/or Electronically Reproduced Materials incl. Images / Recordings:

  • $ 5.00 per page for printed photographs on standard office paper
  • $20.00 for electronic CD with photographs and/or each DVD recording
  • $15.00 per page for photographs printed on photograph paper

Pre-Payment for Costs Associated with Reproduction of Records:

  • The Kiel Police Department will require payment in advance for any requests where the final costs are estimated to exceed $25.00 or whenever the Chief deems appropriate based on all factors considered in the request.